7 Things Most Hospitals Neglect to Do to Retain their Physicians


7 Things Most Hospitals Neglect to Do to Retain their Physicians

I recommend you take a look at this article. It was from a forum roundtable in Forbes Magazine and here was their goal:

These days, no company or industry is safe from the “Great Resignation.” Scores of workers at all levels have been leaving their jobs to pursue better opportunities. 

Every business needs to come up with creative ways to entice new talent and retain the talented employees they already have. Here, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council talk about effective things companies can do about high employee turnover.

Every business? Does that mean hospitals, too? Yes. Are they doing these things? Most do not. I took the liberty of teasing out what opinions were relatable to hospitals. Here are the 7 things they should do:

1.  Reignite A Clear Sense Of Organizational Purpose

2.  Stay On Top Of What Employees Want And Need

3.  Conduct Stay Interviews With Managers

4.  Care For And Support The ‘Whole Person’

5.  Make The Organization A Great Place To Work

6.  Help Leaders Create An Employee-Centric Culture

7.  Improve The Employee Experience

What has amazed me, in my adventures into physician retention, is how hospital administrators ignore what other industries are doing. That being said, if you ask them about the 7 items mentioned above they will probably say they are doing it all. Heck, they tell me that all the time. But when you talk to the doctors, and I do, they DEFINITELY ARE NOT doing these things and they are losing good doctors. 


Plug your holes instead of just filling up the bucket over and over again.

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