Physician Retention Specialists is made up of a team led by Douglas Farrago MD.  Dr. Farrago’s experience in physician advocacy is almost three decades old.  From a chief resident to a physician leader in an extremely busy family practice, Dr. Farrago knows what makes physicians happy.  Having worked for two large hospital organizations for over 15 years, he knows the good, the bad, and the ugly of being an employed physician.  Dr. Farrago has been on Physician Executive Committees, Compensation Committees, and Recruiting Committees.   He has seen bureaucratic drag bring down flourishing healthcare organizations, which ultimately leads to the loss of good doctors.   Dr. Farrago’s extracurricular activities have also given him the inside scoop on what makes physicians tick.  He was the founder and editor of the famous humorous medical magazine, the Placebo Journal, for ten years.   He is presently the inspiration behind the extremely popular blog/website called Authentic Medicine for the past 21 years.   This has kept his finger directly on the pulse of what is troubling today’s physicians.   Dr. Farrago has decided to put this knowledge to good use and has spent the last year researching one of the most important topics that every hospital should know.  He will address your concerns by utilizing his considerable “insider” experience and knowledge to conceive and implement creative solutions.  Retaining good doctors keeps your hospital great.  Retaining good doctors save you money in the long run.

To CONTACT Dr. Farrago just email dougfarrago at gmail.com

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