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Why are doctors leaving their jobs? What is the Great Resignation?  The Hospital Guide to Physician Retention: Why Creating a Physician-Friendly Environment Is Critical for Your Organization’s Success explains all of this while giving you actionable ideas on how to fix it. Creating the right work environment is critical to keeping your good doctors. It turns out that happy doctors stay, and happy doctors help recruit other doctors for you. All this leads to happier and more satisfied patients. When doctors feel valued and having meaningful relationships with their patients and co-workers, they are much less likely to leave. This saves hospitals tons of money and creates a community where doctors want to work.  

Highly recommend! All new administrators working with physicians should read this. A great reminder for seasoned administrators also.  

Steven Hale, FACHE

Some of the things you will learn by reading The Hospital Guide to Physician Retention:

  • Why Doctors Are Leaving Your Hospital in the First Place
  • Why You Need to Start a Physician Retention Program and, More Importantly, What Happens If You Don’t
  • Why Happy Doctors Help You Recruit Other Doctors to Your Hospital
  • Why Retention is More Important than Recruitment 
  • The War for Talented Physicians Continues to Grow and What That Means for You
  • How to Differentiate Good Doctors from Bad Doctors
  • Why a Physician Retention Program is NOT the Same Thing as a Physician Burnout/ Wellness Program
  • The Top Three Things You Can Do to Create a Physician-Friendly Hospital
  • And Much, Much More

Douglas Farrago, MD uses the insights he has learned from twenty-five years of being a family physician, his vast experience being an employed physician and physician leader, and his vast connections to other doctors to give you the inside scoop on how to keep your physicians happy so that they stay longer.

  • Are you ready to break the cycle of physician turnover?
  • Are you ready to save money by doing the small things to keep doctors happy and retain them longer or even forever?
  • Are you ready to stabilize your hospital or organization by creating a community of valued physicians?

Then this book is for you!

WARNING: This book is not for everyone! On average, 9 out of 10 administrators absolutely hate it. Please do not buy this book unless you truly are open-minded and want to create a physician-friendly environment where doctors feel valued and experience meaningful relationships with their patients and coworkers.


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