Here are some common Physician Retention questions we hear:

  1. Do you consult with hospitals? And if yes, who? Yes, we do. We keep these hospital’s names confidential at this time.
  2. Should I do an eNPS® for my hospital? Yes. How will you ever know if doctors are happy working there? But you need a third-party to do it and it must be anonymous.
  3. Why not just use our own Human Resources people to help us with all of this? I recommend reading the book as we have a whole chapter on this.
  4. If we lose doctors, then we can just replace them with NPs and PAs, right? Hardly. Education and training natter. This is NOT to say that physician-led teamwork using NPs and PAs is not critical. That being said, you CANNOT replace physicians with lesser trained non-physicians. See this site for more information.
  5. Why not use a recruiting company? Reread what you just asked. Recruiting company. If they were successful in retention, then they would be out of business.
  6. Why is it important for a doctor to be behind Physician Retention Specialists? Doctors know other doctors. You want someone who has been in the shoes of those you are trying keep. It is about trust.
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