Coerced to Volunteer


Doctors, by nature, want to help. They sacrificed their youth to go to medical school and residency. While their college friends made money, they were going into debt. But it didn’t matter. They knew that one day they would be ok financially. They just wanted to help people. Then, COVID19 came along and their altruism was used as leverage to get many to volunteer. Here is an actual example from a doctor:

” My hospital bylaws have a clause that you may be called to report to work in the hospital during a disaster? Have any of you been called? I do not have privileges, but was invited to apply for Emergency Disaster Privileges, and they were waiving the $400 application fee so that I could then VOLUNTEER. Once the emergency was over, privileges would revoked, but I could reapply through the normal process and pay the $400.”


“I get called every day to volunteer on behalf of Gov Cuomo, and every day I ask if I’ll be paid to risk my life because nurses get paid. Every day it’s “Sorry, it’s a volunteer position.”

Here are some more articles:

Many doctors felt they were manipulated into “giving back” while other professions were paid (and given hazard pay raises). Many felt the “oath” they took was used to guilt them into giving more. And they may have been right.

Now, how can this be repaired?

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