Hospital CEOs Need to Show They Care


Hospital CEOs Need to Show They Care

They say that employees don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I put a whole chapter in my book about Physician Retention on this topic for CEOs. Now an article in Kiplinger says the same thing:

 “Would you like to work for a boss who only cares about production and not the welfare of employees? The choice is obvious, and our research proves that leaders who can do both – be goal-oriented and care about their employees – are far more successful.

“Employees are expecting to see more human leaders today, and we can train ourselves to be more compassionate in our daily lives. Additionally, these principles can be applied to our interactions with family and friends.”

I put out a survey recently on LinkedIn with the question in today’s image. The results were scary. How is it that doctors feel that administrators truly want to disempower them? What is more interesting is that instead of learning something from this, I received complaints and excuses from CEOs. They hated the question. They disagreed with the intent of the survey. They said I was generalizing and on and on. Really? 

The results were obvious. This is how doctors feel. They feel they are being disempowered. I hear this over and over again. You, as a CEO, don’t like this? It doesn’t matter because that is the perception of your employees. Don’t argue about the question. Try to fix the problem. 

You have to show you care. 

But what if this is true? Why wouldn’t hospital CEOs and administrators WANT to empower their physician employees? 

That’s a story for another day.

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