Humans Need Community and Doctors are Human


Humans Need Community and Doctors are Human

I always like to see what other industries are doing to retain their employees. For some reason, the healthcare system loves to ignore the fact that doctors are human and there are things that can be done to make them happier. One of those things that I mention in my book is COMMUNITY. 

Here is an interesting take from a tech company:

Personal relationships in the workplace have taken a hit as a result of remote work, and employee engagement is currently dropping. I believe these are connected phenomena that boil down to the fact that remote work makes it more difficult to build meaningful connections with people and work. Since technology is the greatest touchpoint in employee experience for remote workers, it’s clear that many of the tools used in the workplace simply aren’t helping us connect.

Doctors work in their offices and rarely see each other anymore. They may nod when they see another physician in the hallway or in their clinic but that is about all. In other words, doctors are always working remotely! 

When I first started in medicine there were tons of gatherings or events for us doctors to get together. These were critical to build that community, which made us feel part of something that we didn’t want to lose. This resulted in PHYSICIAN RETENTION. 

So, if Big Tech cannot figure out a way to use technology to help people connect more then there is no way that hospitals will. You cannot fake this. Humans need human interaction. And doctors are human. The problem is that physicians don’t want to give away their time and they work so many hours in the office and at home that they won’t want to go to any of these gatherings. Figure out how to fix this and you’ve figured out how to build a physician community that wants to work for you for a long time.

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