The following are interviews with Dr. Farrago about Physician Retention (more are coming). To interview Dr. Farrago please email dougfarrago at

The Healthcare Leadership Experience is hosted by Lisa Miller for health leaders who want to think differently and learn how to improve their performance. On this episode, Lisa joined by Doug Farrago, MD to discuss his new book on physician retention and why it’s critical for hospitals. Topics include the reasons for the current physician shortage, the importance of great leaders in healthcare, and the key factors that contribute to a positive hospital culture. Doug also explains the ”Biscotti Referral Strategy” and the role of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in physician retention.


THIS JUST IN with HIT Advisor Justin Barnes

Join @HITAdvisor and Dr. Doug Farrago @AuthenticMed as they focus on #PhysicianRetention and key strategies as well as #bestpractices to build a #worldclass culture in #healthcare! #hospital#physician#leadership

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