Physician-Friendly Hospital Certification


Is your hospital Physician-Friendly?

Dr. Farrago discussed the concept of a physician-friendly hospital in his book. Creating a great work environment results in limited doctor turnover. This saves the hospital money, keeps patients happy, and creates a community of physicians who actually help you recruit other doctors.

The Medical White Whale

Is there such a thing as a Physician-Friendly Hospital? Dr. Farrago believes there is. Like Captain Ahab, he is on a quest to find those places and share this information with other doctors. See this article that explains his mission in more depth.

Can you measure if your hospital is Physician-Friendly?

Yes, you can.

“Yeah, but isn’t this just fluff?” you ask.


Recently, there was a physician walkout at a regional medical center. It made the news. We were contacted by an administrator who shared a letter from the CEO about the walkout. The CEO pushed back on every point that the protesting doctors made. Interesting. If the CEO was right, then why did a walkout occur? It is VERY rare for doctors to mobilize and do that.

  • The doctors in the above example thought the physician turnover issue they were having was problematic and they were not happy with what was going on at the hospital.
  • The CEO thought there was no turnover issue, and that most doctors were happy there.

Can we decide who is right?

We can.

How do you measure this?

We believe there is a way to measure whether a hospital is physician-friendly. And we challenge EVERY hospital to measure it.

The method is a simple ONE-QUESTION survey. ONE! The key, and maybe the problem, is having ALL your physicians answer this question. Getting doctors to do anything is like herding cats.

Can you do this on your own?

Yes. Should you? No. To be officially certified as a Physician-Friendly Hospital you need to be trusted. That means a third-party (us) needs to keep administration out of the survey details. It means a third party (us) needs to make sure all doctors are accounted for because it is not unheard of for some administrators to try and “hide” some of their unhappy doctors from taking the survey.

You can see how this can be tricky?

We have to make sure that we research your hospital to see if every physician’s email has been given to us and accounted for. Then we go ahead and try to make sure every physician answers the one-question survey. Again, no easy task. From there we will determine your score and if you meet the desired metric you will be deemed Physician-Friendly Hospital and received your certification.

Here is the best part.

There is a cost to do this, but there is no risk for the hospital! If you receive a low PFH score, then we DO NOT publish these results. It just means you have work to do. If you score a +20 eNPS® (high PFH score) then we do publicize the results.

If you are interested in getting a PFH score then email dougfarrago at and we will contact you and give you a quote.

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