Do Hospitals Want to Replace Doctors?

If you ask any Hospital CEO if he or she wants to replace doctors then what do you think they would say?  “Of course not!” But that may not be the truth.  We definitely have a disconnect between hospitals and employed physicians.  EVERY doctor who I have ever interviewed has felt that their administration wants…
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Hospital CEOs Need to Show They Care

They say that employees don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I put a whole chapter in my book about Physician Retention on this topic for CEOs. Now an article in Kiplinger says the same thing:  “Would you like to work for a boss who only cares about production and not the welfare…
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The Death of Physician Camaraderie in Three Easy Steps

The following is from Steven Mussey, MD, who illustrated my recent book on Physician Retention. I think he really nails how doctors are feeling. Feel free to share.  What happened? How did we get here? Doug’s book discusses the problem of physician retention. He sadly describes the loss of physician camaraderie. Increasingly, hospitals appear confrontational to the interests of…
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7 Things Most Hospitals Neglect to Do to Retain their Physicians

I recommend you take a look at this article. It was from a forum roundtable in Forbes Magazine and here was their goal: These days, no company or industry is safe from the “Great Resignation.” Scores of workers at all levels have been leaving their jobs to pursue better opportunities.  Every business needs to come up…
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Why are Hospital Employed Physicians (and their patients) Quitting? by Steven Mussey, MD

Even though I am not an employed doctor, I keep in regular communication with hospital-employed doctors in our community.  Doctor-owned practices across the state are quickly being bought by hospital systems.  I have to admit, I am constantly tempted to toss the never-ending turmoil of practice management into someone else’s lap. In theory, this sounds…
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My Medical White Whale: Finding a Hospital Where Doctors Love to Work and Would Recommend to Colleagues

I am a physician and retired from clinical practice.  My happiest times were very early in my employed career and then my last six years doing Direct Primary Care.   I thoroughly discussed the former in my book The Hospital Guide to Physician Retention: Why Creating A Physician-Friendly Environment Is Critical For Your Organization’s Success. It was a place where…
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The Cost of Not Paying Attention to Your Physician Retention Rate

Every business is taught that it is more financially rewarding to keep your regular customers than to accrue new ones. Unfortunately, that does not trickle down to the treatment of their employees. This two-year old survey found: Barriers to improving retention Despite 87 percent of overall respondents calling improved retention a critical or high priority over the…
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Focus on the Employee (DOCTOR) Experience!

Read this article from INC magazine. Yes, it is from a different industry but that is what healthcare needs to do, which is to learn from others. “The primary focus of a sales business should be on the employee experience rather than customer relations because happy employees provide the best customer service.” How many physicians…
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Humans Need Community and Doctors are Human

I always like to see what other industries are doing to retain their employees. For some reason, the healthcare system loves to ignore the fact that doctors are human and there are things that can be done to make them happier. One of those things that I mention in my book is COMMUNITY.  Here is an interesting take from…
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Physician Recruiting vs. Physician Retention

Watch the short video to see why you need to hire someone who just focuses on physician RETENTION and not recruiting. Ask yourself, would a physician recruiter care about your physician retention? They would be out of a job if they did.