The Cost of Not Paying Attention to Your Physician Retention Rate

Every business is taught that it is more financially rewarding to keep your regular customers than to accrue new ones. Unfortunately, that does not trickle down to the treatment of their employees. This two-year old survey found: Barriers to improving retention Despite 87 percent of overall respondents calling improved retention a critical or high priority over the…
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Focus on the Employee (DOCTOR) Experience!

Read this article from INC magazine. Yes, it is from a different industry but that is what healthcare needs to do, which is to learn from others. “The primary focus of a sales business should be on the employee experience rather than customer relations because happy employees provide the best customer service.” How many physicians…
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Humans Need Community and Doctors are Human

I always like to see what other industries are doing to retain their employees. For some reason, the healthcare system loves to ignore the fact that doctors are human and there are things that can be done to make them happier. One of those things that I mention in my book is COMMUNITY.  Here is an interesting take from…
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Physician Recruiting vs. Physician Retention

Watch the short video to see why you need to hire someone who just focuses on physician RETENTION and not recruiting. Ask yourself, would a physician recruiter care about your physician retention? They would be out of a job if they did.

My Recent Radio Interview on Physician Retention

The Healthcare Leadership Experience: Doug Farrago Physician Retention The Healthcare Leadership Experience is hosted by Lisa Miller for health leaders who want to think differently and learn how to improve their performance. In this episode, Lisa was joined by Douglas Farrago MD, to discuss his new book on physician retention and why it’s critical for hospitals. Topics include…
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How NOT to Retain a Doctor During National Physician’s Week

Here is a lesson on how NOT to retain your doctors. This week is National Physician’s Week but this really revolves around Doctor’s Day, which is a real thing. You may think this is a bogus holiday or occasion but it isn’t. For those who don’t know how it started, here goes: On March 30th,…
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Another Simple Way to Lose Doctors

There is a difference between physicians and nondoctors. Interestingly, everyone wants the doctor title but all this does is confuse patients. Yes, the cover image is real. No, Taylor Swift is not a real doctor. This is a conversation that occurred right here on LinkedIn. It was in regards to hospitals lumping nondoctors together with…
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Physician Profiling, Pay-for-Performance, and Doctor Burnout

I have been speaking out against P4P for over 10 years. What is P4P? It is pay-for-performance or what I call “Physician Profiling”. Here is an example from my blog in 2012 and again in 2015. So, why was it started and continued? Because the Ivory tower docs, who don’t actually practice medicine, thought it was a brilliant…
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Physicians’ Thoughts On How They Are Being Treated

Here’s a recent running list of thoughts/complaints/opinions by physicians as found on Twitter. All are kept anonymous for obvious reasons. Hospitals are obsessed with protocols and systemwide ‘standards’. Why? It allows them to extract physician knowledge, simplify it, and allow (cheaper) midlevels to take over. “At my hospital, we’re encouraged to take “mental days off”…
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Physician Retention: Satisfying Seniors

The logical result of successful physician retention is that physicians become senior physicians. Should ED employers provide special consideration for them? This is the question posed by Pamela P. Bensen, MD, after reading part one of this series. Dr. Bensen was the founder and principal of Emergency Medicine Associates, a group in Maine, from 1984…
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