Strategic and Longitudinal Physician Retention Program


This is the mainstay of our business. The PRP is very strategic but also very hands-on and pragmatic as well.

The one year plan includes:

  1. Analyzing your physician Net Promoter Score
  2. Meeting with physicians and administrators at the hospital and examining the organization
  3. Setting up expectations with the executive team and the doctors
  4. Learning about what they both want to accomplish
  5. Discussion of the importance of physician retention and showing how to go about harnessing this potential
  6. Learn what their broader business goals are and how this affects physician retention
  7. Helping them put together a physician retention strategy
  8. Setting annual objectives using broad pieces of work that we are going to deliver
  9. Showing individual tactics of how you go about executing a PRP
  10. Guidance on how they integrate the PRP into the hospital
  11. Showing them how to find, hire and train a physician liaison 
  12. Finding a common metric to measure the benefit of a PRP
  13. Working closely with people executing the PRP on the ground
  14. And much more
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