The “Physician Eye Roll”​


The “Physician Eye Roll”​

There are many things that make physicians roll their eyes. This may include new metrics, a new initiative from the administration, a mandatory seminar on whatever is popular at the time, and so much more. The biggest instigator, in my humble opinion as a doc myself, is the famous,”We are bringing in a business consultant for this.”

Doctors don’t trust consultants. They do NOT believe they are there to help them. They believe they are there to just help administrators make a point. I wrote a whole chapter on this in my book:

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So, here is my tip. You can still hire a consultant but it better be the right one. It better be someone who is actually on the side of the physicians and wants to help them work with the administration to make their work environment better. You only get so many shots at hiring consultants so make it count. 

*Bonus tip: make sure your consultant actually is a doctor who has been in the trenches before. 


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